Saturday 16 June 2012

One persons cheese is another persons chicken

No I haven't gone mad, I'm not writing a cookery blog by accident, read on to see what I'm getting at…

I've often been told by a bride to be at a face-to-face meeting that they don't want the 'usual cheesy music' played at their wedding reception. "No problem," always comes my response, but when asked to elaborate on exactly what their idea of cheesy music is things start to get a little complicated.

Now the 'Birdy Song' definitely falls into the Cheese category for most people however other songs such as Duran Duran's 'Rio' and Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' wouldn't. How about 'Oops up side your head' and the 'Macarena' - both cheesy wedding songs, but would these be missed at a 'no cheese' wedding reception disco?

You can probably put 'cheesy' wedding disco songs played by DJs at modern receptions into three categories: Stilton, Medium Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester. I've added some of my own opinions on what songs I'd place in these categories below and yes, there are many more out there:

Medium Mature Cheddar
Red Leicester
Birdy Song
Grease megamix
Dancing Queen
Saturday Night
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Don't stop believing
Cha cha slide
Wake me up before you go go
Love Shack
Girls just want to have fun
Living on a prayer
I'm in the mood for dancing
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life
Oops up side your head
Jive bunny
Don't you want me

Basically in my mind if a song has a dance associated with it then it slides (or melts) towards the Stilton end of the scale.

Please don't get me wrong, I've no problem with playing any of the above tunes, I just thought it might be helpful to offer a up a way of grading the generic 'Cheese' term.

The point I'm making is there are varying degrees of cheese and its all very subjective. Leaving it to the DJ to decide how adventurous the guests are that night might be the best outcome.

Now, who fancies some cheese on toast?

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